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First time right payroll

Robust and flexible, our Payroll engine delivers salary, tax and deductions calculations with the utmost precision.

or standalone

Benefit from the flexibility of our payroll module – deploy it together with our HCM or as a standalone solution, interfaced with your own HR data and systems.

or o

Deploy our cloud solution or opt for an on-premise installation, for added control. Make the choice that aligns perfectly with your business preferences.


We closely monitor Payroll regulatory changes, updating our system to keep you continuously up-to-date and totally compliant.

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Discover what our Payroll can do

Automate complex rules (e.g, collective agreements, cross-border exemptions, impat regulations, interest subsidies, overtime payment simplification).

Review, edit and approve payroll runs and perform retroactive calculations.

Manage different entities and split payroll.

Export/import data through native interfaces with Luxembourg-based fiduciaries.

Create simple and complex wage codes.

Set up customisable, multi-lingual digital payslips.

Simulate salary calculations.

Add-on functionality 

The seamless integration with our Payroll module ensures that car leasing expenses and approved employee expenses seamlessly flow into payroll calculations, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation.


Take the hassle out of administering car leasing contracts. By seamlessly interfacing with leasing companies, our system tracks and organises contract details, expenses and invoices.


Simplify the reimbursement process, allowing effortless submission and tracking of claims for enhanced transparency. Managers gain real-time visibility, expediting approval processes.


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