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Unify your HR processes and data with a modular HRIS that evolves with your organisation.

Human Capital Management modules


Complete HR admin
with less clicks

Navigate the complexities of personnel data effortlessly. From onboarding to employee records, we ensure precision and accessibility, empowering you to make informed decisions at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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Store and manage all employee data and documentation in one place.

Guide employees through their onboarding and offboarding journeys.

Manage employee compensation and benefits.


Conduct workforce planning, with current and future positions.


Generate all CCSS documents (pdf and dta files).


Take time off from managing leave

A user-friendly interface allows employees to request and track leave, while managers can effortlessly approve requests, ensuring transparency and compliance.


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Manage all types of leave requests, with flexible rules and workflows.


Automate leave balance calculations and get a detailed overview.


Manage approvals easily, with self-service notifications.


Connect seamlessly with payroll and run automated calculations based on leave.

Time & Attendance

Track hours,
in seconds

From empowering employees with easy time logging, to providing managers with a robust overview of team activities, our solution is aimed at optimising time management processes within your organisation.

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Enable employees to access anytime and clock in and out remotely.

Create and manage employee schedules effortlessly, accommodating shift changes.

Monitor employee attendance with precision and set up instant alerts for absenteeism.


Seamlessly integrate with HCM and Payroll systems.


Become faster
with Training

Invest in fostering employee growth, not in time-consuming tasks. Create training programs, monitor progress effortlessly and drastically reduce time spent in administration and reporting every year.

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Manage your training catalogue, including multiple date courses.


Allow employees to register and automate workflows, reminders and evaluations.


Define training profiles for all jobs, and mapping to employees to identify and track training needs.


Conduct in-depth cost management and automatically generate the INFPC report.


Maximise talent, minimise effort

Empower your entire organisation to succeed with actionable goals and development plans, ensuring clarity and direction at all levels.

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Set clear and measurable goals for employees and align individual objectives with organisational targets.​

Enable self - assessments and facilitate regular performance feedback sessions between managers and employees​. One-on-one or 360° reviews supported.

Create personalised development plans and support career growth.

Cross-module functionality


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