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Simplify and empower HR

With a complete and flexible HRIS and Payroll system, designed for Luxembourg.
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Move faster with automated HR administration

Centralised data, harmonised processes, automatic workflows and notifications, and modern self-service will eliminate repetitive work and free up HR to grow the business.

Faster HR Administration

Leave no room for error in Payroll and streamline even the most complex rules

Accuracy and timeliness define our payroll software solution. Calculate salaries, manage deductions and generate reports with ease, supported by multiple automations.

Run your HR operations with a system specifically designed for Luxembourg

Always current with local tax and labor law requirements. Easily interface with government bodies and common third-party service providers. Benefit from local helpdesk support.

HR Operations Luxembourg
HR and Payroll solutions tailored to your needs

Deploy a cost-effective HR solution, tailored to your needs, quickly

Get started in a few days with an out-of-the-box HR system or implement your specific requirements, supported by a rapid deployment approach.

Educos Luxembourg


Established in 2011 in Luxembourg, we stand as a premier HR software provider, empowering businesses of all sizes.


We work with small, medium and large companies in FSI, Banking, Insurance, Communication & Media and Public Sector.


We developed our product in close partnership with a leading Human Capital advisory firm in Luxembourg.


Our solution manages over 12.000 employees, seamlessly processing more than 10.000 payslips per month.


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